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We support slow and sustainable fashion and therefore all collections are exclusively produced in Europe, in limited quantities, from the finest European fabrics, such as merino wool, cashmere, silk, hand-woven boucle & tweed. While IRFG designs are elegant, sophisticated and very feminine, they are also incredibly comfortable and easy to wear. We’re devoted to the feminine shape and are committed to quality materials 

Our fabrics have been handpicked from some of the most prestigious textile ateliers around the world. We have researched and explored different fabrics to make sure we are giving our customers the best quality for their wardrobe. The choice of this quality over quantity has let us examine our products and really engage in the materials we want to use and continue using so they can be enjoyed and kept for years to come.

IvanaRosova Fashion Group has been working closely with the manufacturers to source the best-crafted pieces for this collection. The fabrics we’ve selected have come from skillful and creative teams, their knowledge, expertise and extensive range of technologies mean that our garments are constructed using the best methods available.

The 100% Super 130s Wool has come all the way from the Yorkshire hills of the UK, where the finest tailoring has been produced.
The term of 130/140/150s Wool depends on the fineness of the wool thread, so the higher the number the finer (and rarer) quality of the thread which can make it more delicate as the number gets higher. The word ‘Super’ can be used to describe fabrics made from pure new wool and can also be used for wool blended with rare fiber such as Cashmere Wool.
As we use Super 130s and 150s Wool the thread is finer which indicates the quality of how it is woven and softness of the cloth. Using this fiber gives us the right balance of thinness which makes it great for your daily style.

We have used very distinct suppliers for our choice of silks to make sure we get the right texture for our designs. Sourcing from Asia, our silk is picked and produced from exclusive manufactures with high levels of experience. The silk has been selected with different mixes to give us a particular balance on the fabric, so we can print, cut and dye the material and provide an exclusive pattern for the collection. With many techniques available to use to get the perfect finish, attention to detail is what we abide by, so the silk used in our garments has been crafted with experience.

Hailing from our French and Italian suppliers who use transitional style looms to create some of their luxury material, make our Boucle fabric. This gives an essence of that tweed look which adds a distinguished character to the collection. The fabric is created by combing two independent strands with the tension being looser on one; this looser strand then creates loops and is anchored to the other, which is then woven into the Boucle fabric we know today. This leaves an endless variety of patterns and colors to choose from and in turn, you’re able to create a unique design.

The technology used in making this collection is done to a high spec with innovated creatives, working hard and improving their techniques all the time. The industry is evolving and more processes are available to us to, to be able to combine are love for texture and fashion. Working with these textile companies we are able to provide different textures of fabric within our designs to offer the finest and luxurious garments for our customers.




IvanaRosova Fashion Group wants to design and produce responsibly and in doing this we will do our very best to source our products with fairness. We value the environment around us and want to continue this support to help and aid the surroundings in which we live.

Our parcel boxes are 100% recyclable but also can be used again or for storage.

Our garments are created with love to last, so please take care of your unique pieces.

Our fabric production waste is minimized to zero, thanks to special cutting methods and usage for our accessories.

We are very proud that we are able to design and produce in the European Union, this saves fuel, shipping costs and reduces our carbon footprint. Producing this way also lets us monitor both the quality of our products in the factories and the working conditions of their employees.

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