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Ivana Rosova was born in Bratislava in Slovakia and has spent most of her life studying and working abroad. She studied Fashion Design at Haute École Francisco Ferrer in Brussels, Belgium, as well as at ESMOD - French Fashion Institute International in Dubai. She also earned an Executive MBA degree from the Hult International Business School.

While studying, Ivana worked for multinational companies in Dubai. It was during this time that she realized there was a lack of affordable high-quality apparel for businesswomen in Europe and the Middle East. She was dismayed to find out how little choice there was and also, at how poorly and cheaply some of the clothes were made, mostly from artificial materials and only in basic shapes and colours.

Determined to create her own fashion brand that would allow women to be audacious, dynamic and unique, without worrying about quality and fit, Ivana decided to create her own label. She returned to Europe in 2014 and established Ivana Rosova Fashion Group in Prague in the Czech Republic, launching her first collection - Autumn/Winter 2016 in the following year. She currently lives in Prague and works back and forth between Europe and Middle East.



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