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Ivana Rosova announces IvanaRosova Fashion Group, a Prague-based company designing feminine clothing for dynamic businesswomen

August 15, 2016

Ivana Rosova, CEO and Head Designer of IvanaRosova Fashion Group, is bringing a new concept to European, and Middle Eastern fashion markets: niche clothing for the professional woman that is feminine, functional, fun and luxurious.

(15/8/2016 – Prague, Czech Republic) Women’s business fashion designer Ivana Rosova has announced IvanaRosova Fashion Group, a Prague-based company designing timeless, fresh, feminine clothing for dynamic businesswomen.

Ivana Rosova is turning the age of mass-produced clothing on its head, choosing to source all materials (fabrics, zippers, buttons, and more) from within the European Union. The company is devoted to quality, sustainable manufacturing processes under humane conditions. Certain materials are handwoven and produced exclusively for IvanaRosova, such as the wool for the Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, specially dyed in the United Kingdom to suit Ms. Rosova’s chosen color palette.

“I think of the women who will wear my clothes from the moment I start designing them,” explained Ivana Rosova, when asked about her design process. “The high quality of our materials means that the fabrics breathe and don’t wrinkle. We only use pure silk, wool, and cashmere, or the most comfortable, luxurious blends.”

The IvanaRosova brand is synonymous with exclusivity. In fact, the company has placed manufacturing limits on each piece of clothing, which sell in the €300-1200 range.

“We are introducing the concept of slow fashion, where customers recognize quality, timeless designs, and premium materials that will last for years,” stated Ms. Rosova. “I want women to access their unique selves in my clothing. We enable that by stepping away from the traditional business palette of black and grey, focusing on the feminine shape, and dressing women in the luxury fabrics they deserve.”


IRFG currently sells globally through their e-shop, and offers free shipping within Europe. The company will open a showroom on September 1, 2016 in the Nile House in Prague.


For more insider information on the IvanaRosova brand and Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, contact Petra Holikova at press@ivanarosova.com or 00420 774 833 750.


For more information, visit the IvanaRosova website: www.ivanarosova.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ivanarosovafashiongroup

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ivanarosova

Pinterest: https://cz.pinterest.com/ivanarosovafash

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IvanaRosovaFG

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/ivanarosovafashiongroup

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About IvanaRosova Fashion Group

IvanaRosova designs timeless, fresh, feminine clothing for dynamic businesswomen. Our playful collections draw from a rich tableau of bold colors. We enable you to be your unique self in our designs, delivering niche clothing for the professional woman that is feminine, functional, fun and luxurious.

IvanaRosova designs are just like your mother’s string of pearls – timeless, gorgeous, and made to last. We’re devoted to the feminine shape, and are committed to quality materials that will brighten even your busiest days. From business travel and morning meetings to after-dinner cocktails, access your gorgeous, powerful, vibrant self with IvanaRosova.

Be audacious, be dynamic, be feminine. Wear IvanaRosova.


About the Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

IvanaRosova’s Autumn/Winter 2016 line, our first collection, draws inspiration from feminine shapes, fresh colors, and quality materials for dynamic women in business. We want you to look impeccable and be comfortable, and get in touch with your unique self through our feminine shapes, bold colors, and playful prints. Our collection has 3 lines:

GORGEOUSLY GLAMOROUS: a collection of fun, feminine pieces for ambitious women on the go;

LASTING LUXURY: timeless pieces for sophisticated & stylish women; and

DAZZLE & SPARKLE: from day to night, stay sleek and classy in these elegant evening pieces for maximum star appeal.


About the Designer: Ivana Rosova

Ivana Rosova is the CEO and Designer of IvanaRosova Fashion Group. A businesswoman at heart and by trade, she has won numerous international fashion awards and has enjoyed success in fashion magazines around the world. Ivana was born in Bratislava, Slovakia and pursued fashion design studies at Haute Ecole Francisco Ferrer in Brussels, Belgium. She attended the prestigious ESMOD - French Fashion Institute International in Dubai, specializing in Fashion Design. Ivana is the proud owner of an Executive MBA degree from Hult International Business School.

In 20 years living abroad, Ivana mastered the art of running large companies, and has worked for several MNC’s across Europe and the Middle East. Ivana is fluent in French, English, Czech, and her native tongue, Slovak. Ivana began her IvanaRosova fashion label in October 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic, launching her first collection for Autumn Winter 2016 together with an online store selling across Europe and the Middle East.

Ivana’s fashion is known for its elegant style, and passion for perfection, femininity, and fresh colors.

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